TUMBLR dates+weekdays masterlist
Monday: Red pants Monday (+Ghost in the stalls -guy .gif)
Tuesday: Tennant Tuesday (+SPN It's Tuesday again .gif)
Wednesday: On Wednesdays we wear pink Mean girls .gif
Friday: Penis Fridays
Sunday: Fine Day Sunday, no mail on Sundays -Harry Potter .gif
Jan 1st: New Year's Day
Jan 6th: Sherlock Holmes' birthday
Jan 23rd: National Pie Day (U.S.)
Jan 24th: Dean Winchester's birthday
Feb 9th: International Pizza Day & Tom Hiddleston's birthday
Feb 12th: Mycroft Holmes' birthday
Feb 16th: Christopher Eccleston's birthday
Feb 17th: Fluffy Chicken Day
Mar 1st: Jensen Ackles' birthday & International Blanket Fort Day
Mar 11th: Alex Kingston's & John Barrowman's birthday
Mar 14th: National Pi Day (U.S.)
Mar 15th: Julius Caesar was assassinated
Mar 23rd: Earth Hour
Mar 27th: Louise Brealey's birthday
Apr 1st April Fools' Day (mishapocalypse)
Apr 18th: David Tennant's birthday
Apr 20th: National Pot Day/Green Day (U.S)
Apr 23rd: World Book Day
Apr 27th: Jenna-Louise Coleman's birthday
May 2nd: Sam Winchester's birthday
May 4th: Star Wars Day
May 5th: Hanko de Mayo a.k.a. Hank Green's birthday
May 11th: National Eat What You Want Day (U.S)
May 23rd: World Turtle Day
May 25th: Towel Day
June LGBT pride month:
Jun 17th: Arthur Darvill's birthday
Jul 3rd: National Ice Cream Day (U.S)
Jul 7th: John Watson's birthday
Jul 19th: Jared Padalecki's & Benedict Cumberbatch's birthday
Aug 8th: International Cat Day
Aug: 15th Jennifer Lawrence's birthday
Aug 20th: Misha Collins' birthday
Aug 24th: John Green's birthday
Aug 26th: National Toilet Paper Day (U.S)
Sept (Sat before Labour Day): International Bacon Day
Sept 1st: Lara Pulver's birthday
Sept 8th: International Literacy Day & Martin Freeman's birthday
Sept 13th: International Chocolate Day
Sept 29th: International Coffee Day
Oct 4th: World Animal Day
Oct 16th: World Food Day
Oct 17th: Mark Gatiss' birthday
Oct 21st: Andrew Scott's birthday
Oct 25th: International Coca-Cola Day
Oct 28th: Matt Smith's birthday
Oct 29th: International Internet Day
Oct 31st: Halloween
Nov 13th: Kindness Day (U.K.)
Nov 18th: Steven Moffat's birthday
Nov 21st: World Television Day
Nov 23rd: Clara Oswald's birthday
Nov 26th: National Cake Day (U.S.)
Nov 28th: Karen Gillan's birthday
Dec 15th: International Tea Day
Dec 21st: Day Of The Long Waited Maya Apocalypse That Never Came
Dec 24th: Christmas Eve
Dec 25th: Christmas Day
Dec 31st: New Year's Eve
If I forgot something, please feel free to add it.
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